Jeb Boyd, Photographer at Vivi on Verbeke                    258 Verbeke Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102
My name is Jeb Boyd. I was born, raised and am extremely happy living here in my home town of Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. I have to blame my Mom for lighting the fires of my passion for photography. She had her camera with her everywhere she went.  Some of my fondest memories growing up in Fishing Creek Valley and in my travels by her side, across the continent, are of looking at the world as she saw it through her lens. I have her two 1960's Agfa and Canon cameras, as fond reminders of her, sitting above my computer where I bring my visions of the world to life. 

After having acquired my first digital camera, a Nikon D70s in July of 2006, I haven't looked back. I still have it and hope to convert it to infrared one of these days. As my photographic needs grew, I moved onto a D200 and then a D7000.  At that point I decided to make the transition to full frame and purchased a Nikon D600. My current D810 replaced the D600 in 2014. I also acquired full frame lenses to complement the transition.  My tagline is "I do life photography" and I think it suits me well. I shoot what I see and I do it for me. But what I love most is sharing what I photograph. I shoot for, and with, my heart. I love to make people smile and show them the beauty that I see through my lens. Quite often they are delighted and feel graced by the attention to detail, lighting and mood; showing others the beauty I see by capturing the moments

I was fortunate at the end of 2013 to have the opportunity to purchase a townhouse in Midtown Harrisburg with a storefront on the first floor. Together with my girlfriend and inspiration, Vivian Sterste, our gallery, studios and shop were born. We named it, Vivi on Verbeke and it is located in the growing art community of Midtown Harrisburg at 258 Verbeke Street, one block from the Broad Street Market.  We offer photography, ceramics, sculpture and paintings to be viewed for our visitors' enjoyment.  We offer a permanent and growing collection of our eclectic works of art and we often collaborate in our creative efforts to bring you unique and stronger work. 
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Jeb Boyd
Vivi on Verbeke
258 Verbeke Street
Harrisburg, Pa 17102

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[email protected]
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